How you can help

Our mission is to teach practical technology skills to refugee students, empowering them to find jobs in their community or elsewhere.

We rely on donations to help fund our work.

$10 per month will enable us to teach one student for a whole year,
$30 per month will pay the costs for education support for 100 students (classroom, teaching support staff, electricity etc)
$50 per month will pay for the internet connection for the whole school
$300 will pay the monthly salary for a part-time IT teacher, employed from the community,
$500 will pay for computer equipment that will enable 20 students to study for a year.
$1000 will pay for one extra place in our computer lab, giving access to a computer to up to 20 students, so they can study at their rhythm.

Visit AlsamaProject to donate.

Corporate Sponsorship

We wouldn’t have been able to start this project without the support of our corporate sponsors. Our Founding Sponsors, BusBud and McKinsey, donated the computer equipment that the students used in their first courses. Please contact us if you would like to know how your company can get involved.